A lot can be said about the benefits and qualities of Shiatsu. The following provides a simplified explanation of typical ailments or conditions that shiatsu body work provides relief for. Every case is unique and treatment addresses the underlying energetic disruptions causing ailment and discomfort.

Shiatsu Cascais Pain and inflammation; an obvious alarm to something being wrong or correcting itself or also a result of a blockage or some sort;

Qi stagnation, congestion or blockage; symptoms include general achenes, tightness, deep dull pain, irritability, or feeling wired while also tired; usually resulting from stress, intense emotional containment, frustration, lack of exercise, poor diet etc. As a primary cause of many diseases, prolonged stagnation generally compromises the integrated state of the body, breaking down interdependent and interconnected relationships of functional organ systems resulting in;

Stress, worry and emotional burnout; in conventional and perhaps simplified medical terms, shiatsu works to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which enables recovery and restoration, or in other words shiatsu reinforces the body’s powerful self-healing mechanisms.

Reduced mobility, or atrophy;

Reduced vitality, lethargy or tiredness and low energy;

Shiatsu LisboaReduced organ function and health;

Reduced immune response, allergies or auto-immune disorders;

Blood stagnation or deficiency;

Digestive, menstrual,  or reproductive issues;

High blood pressure, and other cardiovascular issues,

Muscle or joint pain,  and atrophy;

Skin disorders, and other psychosomatic issues;

Depression, anger, pensiveness or cyclical obsessive thoughts;

Anxiety and insomnia, difficulty waking or falling asleep;

Excess heat and dryness,  affecting circadian rhythms and vital substances.

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