Although at its most basic level, shiatsu provides a wonderful relief from the day-to-day physical and emotional tension that accumulates in the body, the real benefits of shiatsu are long-term and somewhat invisible. In other words, shiatsu treatment is simultaneously diagnosis and prevention.

The body’s physiological and psychological systems are deeply connected and need the right conditions to prosper. We can imagine tension as a by-product of useful energy that can become stagnant and contracted when prevented or blocked from moving and expressing itself or otherwise performing its role and naturally.

As a meridian therapy, regular shiatsu helps to release the accumulated tension inhabiting and affecting natural meridian pathways holding deep relationships to physiological and psychological systems. When ignored these tensions or blockages become the basis of mental or physical illness, postural problems, muscle and joint atrophy, chronic pain, and even reduced organ function. Acute conditions eventually progress into a chronic state, ie creating  the precursors of debilitating and long-term illnesses which are then commonly treated symptomatically by conventional medical care.

Release the tiger

By this stage however, a thorough perspective on the “whole” cause and history of disease becomes difficult if not impossible to interpret.  Present day movements in Integrative and Functional medicine seek to restore a holistic, client centered perspective to illness and may for that reason be a more complete or useful treatment approach of the future in conventional western medicine. Shiatsu adopts the same holistic perspective of the person, assessing history, diet, lifestyle,  but from a chinese and oriental medicine perspective; it treats to what it finds in the body in the present, but tries to understand the progressive and subtle long-term causes of disease, whether these be internal or external.

Besides being very supportive, natural, safe, relaxing, invigorating and non-invasive, the value of shiatsu therapy as an energy therapy is that it promotes the mind-body connection and indirectly nourishes purpose and destiny. The practitioner effectively works to release and nourish the receivers natural vitality and resources, and in so helps to the expression of their optimal health, unique potential, purpose, and resources.

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