Online TherapyProliferation of internet technologies, social networking, smart phones etc. over the recent decade have brought significant changes to our lifestyle. So many things are possible that were not before and keeping in touch with people over a distance has never been easier.

Whether good or bad, these technologies have also created new opportunities to be connected from a distance, through VOIP applications like skype.  Clients who have difficulty reaching a therapist for whatever reason can now also be supported as Therapy is accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection and a private space to talk.

Online therapy or skype therapy as some describe is a video conference based talking over the internet.  This is different to online support through chat programs which has also become popular medium in many countries.  Although seemingly less ideal, research supported by growing trends show this medium of therapy as both valid and offering a unique form of support. Although this solution may not be ideal for all presenting issues, as some will likely benefit from real human proximity; it nonetheless is regarded as a valuable option for many.


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